CLIENT: Various – Due to confidentiality reasons, we can only show a few specific slides.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Content Structure and Organization, Research, Copy Writing or Editing, Design, Brand Alignment, Illustration, Data Visualization, Photography, Animation, Presentation Training.

Whether they need a presentation to sell, educate, inform, explain, or find investors or advocates for their cause, Avatav has helped clients around the world blow their audiences away and deliver the best presentations in their career. That’s exactly what they tell us!

You see, we translate words into effective visuals, solve narrative problems, refine messages and craft impactful, memorable stories easy to understand and relate to, whether the presenter is in a main stage, meeting room, online or absent. We tailor the deck for the objective, the brand, the delivery platform and the audience.

Sales and

We distill information-heavy presentations focusing only on the most relevant content to create a compelling story that's memorable and persuasive. Visual communication is carefully executed to aid understanding.


Expertly animated to keep audiences engaged and help presenters pace the flow of the information delivered.


We craft strategically brief and easy-to-follow start-up decks that help potential investors quickly learn about an entrepreneurs’ business.